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Biblical Articles in PDF format
including the Revelation Series

1God's Commission to the British Watchmen (Synopsis)
2The Last Trump (Timing is everything.)
3Wave Sheaf or Pentecost Resurrection Part 1!
4Why This Website? Find out now...
5I AM. The dangers of widespread deception.
6Jeremiah's Urgent Prophecy. A message from the past for today!
7Wave Sheaf or Pentecost Resurrection Looking through the glass darkly! Part 2
8The Two Resurrections, Which? The first resurrection or the second resurrection?
9At the Last Day. Discussing the timing of the first resurrection.
10Deceived by Tradition. Weekly and annual Sabbaths
11God's Gift of Protection, Worry over the COVID-19 virus pandemic
12Have you lost Truth? Biblical truth has been clouded or obscured!
13The Gospel of Christ Central to Christianity!
14To Make Ready a People Are you ready for what is ahead?
15Bad News. Good News. Our God is truly a Time Lord!
16God's Wake-Up Call. Check out God's words to us. (Read also cover letter)
17The Feast of Tabernacles. Portending complete change!
18Don't Believe Me! But, there is someone you must believe in - Jesus.
19Why Most Cannot Understand Revelation. Let's make a start...
20Revelation, Step by Step 1. Journey through the book of Revelation.
22Revelation, Step 2. Continuing our exploration of Revelation
23God's Word on the Millennium. What people think about it often differs from the Biblical text!
24Choose Life. Continuing the Revelation series, focusing on Resurrection!
25Revelation, Step by Step 3. Diving in deep into Jesus' revelation!
26Revelation, Step by Step 4. Continuing the journey as prophesied.
27It's Time! In fact, it's past time...
28How long are the saints in Heaven? Exploring the mystery found within Biblical textual narrative.
29Revelation Step by Step 5. Continuing our journey through the Revelation of Jesus Christ
30Revelation Step by Step 6. The Seventh Seal to the final return of Christ
31Why Only Five Virgins? Exploring the Biblical answer
32God's Wake-Up Call. Check out God's words to us. (Read also an open letter to the Church of God)
33Revelation Step by Step 7 Once He spoke by the prophets, today He speaks by His Son!
34How Long Is The Tribulation? Some say three and a half years, others say seven!
35Revelation Step by Step 8. Continuing to explore the nuances of this prophetic text.
36Still in the Dark. Jesus is the Light of the World
37Revelation Step by Step 9. Getting deeper in the word of God
38Revelation Step by Step 10, The Day of the Lord
39Revelation Step by Step 11. The Seven Angels sound their trumpets!
40Revelation Step by Step 12. We hope you're finding this series enlightening and helpful!
41Revelation Step by Step 13. Commercial Babylon, that satanic world system that embodies the spirit of Anti-Christ.
42The Prophet and the Minister Once He spoke by the prophets, today He speaks by His Son!
43Revelation Step by Step 14. Rejoicing in heaven because of the marriage supper of the Lamb
44Revelation Step by Step 15. The Reign of Christ and His Saints.
45Revelation Step by Step 16. The New Heavens and the New Earth
46Strong Delusion - Where? A closer look at some pivotal prophetic timing in Revelation
47Revelation Step by Step 17. The Closing Testimonies
48Discovering the Abib.
49God's Gift of Israel. Identity explored.
50Satan's Subversion of Repentance. We cannot judge historical events by the standards of today.
51Religious Discrimination Laws. Finding a serving purpose in life...
52Can You See? Prophetic chronology in the Bible
53It's Jerusalem Stupid! Let's continue following the scriptural thread on this.
54The First Resurrection. The longing of every saint, living or asleep in Christ!
55The Return From Heaven and Armageddon. Learning to ride the warhorse!
56From Armageddon to the Kingdom. A close look at the relevant scriptures!
57Return to Eden. What will it be like in the Millennium?
58Summary of the Three Key Chapters. A cohesive summary pointing to Jesus Christ's return.
59The Three Key Chapters. The consecutive tie of Unleavened Bread, the Wave Sheaf Offering and the First Resurrection
60Hidden In Plain Sight! Putting all those scriptures together
61The Great Tragedy of this Age! Exploring the scriptures about end time events.
62Daniel Unlocks Revelation. Two profound Biblical texts that complement each other.
63God Grants More Calendar Evidence A closer look at that "selfsame" day!
64An Abib Resurrection.  Essential addendum...
65Your Calling. A call to action!
66Which Covenant? A careful look at which covenant we're under!
67Last Chance Bride (1) Do you know what Revelation 14 says to us today?
68Last Chance Bride (2) Continued...
69Last Chance Bride (3) The bride of Christ warned and encouraged!
70Last Chance Bride (4) A final important statement!
71Why Lord, Why? Church troubles, and getting it right after all!
72Two Separate First-fruit Harvests - Judge the Bible evidence
73The Faith Once Delivered - a closer look again at Revelation's message
74God's End-time Commission - are you awake or standing in that space?
75Preparing the Way of the Lord - a mighty broadcast from Jerusalem is coming!
CoG's False Tribulation and Resurrection - See the facts and timeline surrounding Christ's return.

Gripping News...

Those who are asleep will miss the moment. Those who are awake and hear the call will know what is happening, for the words of the prophets are written "on the subway wall."