Some years ago I visited Maasai land in Kenya after a contact to the church I then pastored. Since then, after seeing the work of Pastor Julius and the now many churches he has founded who keep the 7th day Sabbath and God’s Holy Days, we have supported them in their efforts to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

One problem that occurred as a result was that children who then wished to keep the Sabbath were expected to attend state school on Saturday morning, and the Holy Days. The solution was a church school built on Pastor Julius’ land, where God’s way could be further taught.

Naturally, all this costs money and I and a few others I have told of this need have been able to help the work God is doing there, but we are few indeed and the harvest is great. I’d like to share with you a couple of recent emails with photographs, and, would be delighted to pass on any contributions for this Kenyan outreach, where God is opening the minds of many people to His word.

Anyone who wishes to contribute will be given direct contact with Pastor Julius, whose home, family and adopted children were a witness to me of his good faith.

Hi Gerald and Lynne, (1 November 2016)

Just want to let you know I received the funds you sent to help in ministry. I used the donation to buy iron sheets to build a small house in church compound in Loita to help those going to preach in the region, we usual get problem where to spend in night while there. See the photos new house in contrast to house we do spend at night; very smoky, with bedbugs etc.

See the church building help by Brian and Linda, children use as classroom from Monday to Friday and church service on Saturday.

See women traveling several miles in search of water for family use, they carry with donkeys. Please pray for rain and also our annual youth camp scheduled 11 through 18 December 2016. I was also gave all our pastor small help from you and they are happy and thankful. They send many greetings to you.

Have a good day, Julius